Hand Tied Wefts

Russian Lengths hand tied wefts are are professionally hand crafted with double drawn Slavic Virgin Russian hair at our workshop in Manchester. The wefts are an immediate solution for gaining additional length and volume, and the use of our luxurious Russian hair ensures the weft feels light, natural and behaves exactly the same as your natural hair.

The benefits of our hand tied wefts are that do not loose hair due to shedding and are hard to detect creating a really natural look that is easy to maintain on a day to day basis. Each weft is custom made in house for all individual requests, meaning the length and width can be chosen for the perfect fit. Being hand crafted also means that the weft density can be selected, so the weave can hold as much or as little hair as needed depending on how full and thick customers desire their hair to look.

Our standard sized weft is 11 inches wide