We supply and fit only the best quality Virgin Russian hair extensions

At Russian Lengths we take pride in supplying the finest Virgin Russian hair sourced ethically from small rural towns in northern Russia. In the hair extension industry, Russian hair is renowned for its superior quality due to its naturally fine and silky texture, making it an effortless match to the owners individual hair type with regard to colour, movement and consistency.

Furthermore, the Virgin Russian hair we source has never been treated or processed in any way, guaranteeing it is of the finest possible quality.

Typically Virgin Russian hair is naturally a lot lighter in colour than other hair types, meaning it can be lightened or dyed to reach a precise match in colour easily and without the need for harsh chemical use. The less processing the hair has been exposed to the easier it is to preserve, meaning well looked after Russian hair can last anywhere up to 4 years.

Chinese and Indian hair; although widely popular in the hair trade because of its low price point and promptly available large quantities, is of a very dark colour and coarse in texture. To change the texture of Chinese and Indian hair it is exposed to an acid formula that strips and destroys the cuticle layer, leaving the hair weak and fragile. The hair is then coloured and covered with a silicone layer that gives the hair a smooth sleek texture which is ideal and more suited to caucasian hair. But unfortunately this does not last and within a few washes the over processed hair is revealed, leaving the hair extremely dry, unmanageable, and almost impossible to maintain.

We strive to supply our customers with the most comfortable, natural and luxurious extensions which is why we will only ever work with Russian hair, knowing this hair type will achieve the best and long lasting results. We understand the way hair can transform not only your appearance, but the confidence that comes with looking and feeling great, and as a result are eager to help our customers to feel their very best.

All images used throughout our website are official Russian Lengths images of actual hair we stock.